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Crystal Maps help you teach and learn. Teachers use them to plan lessons and deliver classwork and students use them to help revise for exams and create original and exciting project work.

Crystal Mapping is a Visual Learning technique. Visual learning works by helping people to organise and understand information using pictures, colour, logic and connection. Crystal Maps show how any subject is made up of individual parts and in so doing reveal patterns and relationships to stimulate creative thinking. This helps us to process and absorb data and improves learning and understanding.

The Key Benefits

  • the process of creating maps helps you to understand the subject
  • the completed map helps you visualise and remember it
  • Once stored in your memory you can recall any subject map any time you need it.

Visual learning is a proven educational methodology and helps people to unlock their potential. Just as importantly though - crystal maps are easy to create and fun to make! Take a look at the maps in our carousel below.

To view a map click on any of the below.