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Crystal Maps help you plan, organise, track, communicate and monitor the performance of any project.

  • Use Crystal Maps to develop personal skills development maps for each of your project team members.
  • Use Crystal Maps to establish the skills and training your team needs to focus on in order to become effective.
  • Use Crystal Maps to establish the key goals your team needs to focus on in order to deliver a successful project.

  • Creating personal and team skills development maps is the prime application of Crystal Mapping. It can help plan and organise many different types of projects. Take a look at the carousel below to see a few examples of what you can do. Then scroll down the page to read about applications in more detail.


    The Benefits

    • clear and efficient method for setting personal development, team and project goals
    • at a glance colour-coded method for tracking performance
    • one stop shop to plan update and share performance information on any type of project

    Project Management

    The best project managers combine the science of how to manage a project from setting the right objectives to choosing the right tools with the art of encouraging and inspiring teams to perform and deliver. Crystal Maps will help you to maximise the success of your project through team skills improvement and team member personal development. Personal Development maps establish the skills and development needs of each of your team members and your whole team and show their successful attainment and track progress.Take a look

    Example Personal Development Map for Project Managers ,
    Example Team Development Map for Project Managers,
    Example Team Goal Map for Project Managers,

    Crystal Mapping is intended for: Managers, team leaders and team members. The Benefits: Personal Development maps provide critical help to your project by helping you to develop highly skilled and successful teams and also deliver wider benefit in terms of attracting and retaining the best people to your business, department, project team. Personal Development maps help keep your team motivated, focussed and continually learning and improving. You can integrate Crystal Project Maps with other project management programs such as ConceptDraw to provide a complete solution to your project planning, communication and management needs.

    Setting Goals and Performance Management

    Great leaders communicate their vision and their objectives in ways that people can see.They paint mental pictures of what success looks like, show others the destination and set the goals they need to attain it. Similarly they show their team how everything fits together to form a coherent whole. Setting the vision, goals and objectives is a core requirement of leadership. crystal Mapping gives you the tools to achieve this; from initial communication to performance tracking thereafter. And, most importantly, everyone can always see a direct line sight to the overall purpose and vision - The Bigger Picture. here is an example map template,

    Strategy Maps and Marketing Plans

    As with project management, and setting objectives having a clear strategy of how you are going to achieve your vision and a plan of how you are going to get to market are essential. Crystal Mapping lets you visualise these core leadership functions setting out the key content in clear context. Example Strategy map template, Example Marketing map template,