Crystal Mapping in Polish

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Thanks to Wojciech Korsak of

we now have a template translation of crystal mapping in Polish. Crystal-Mapping_in_polish

Many thanks Wojciech!

Personal Dashboard

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I’ve been developing, writing about and evangelising about Crystal Mapping for a few years now. I’ve focussed mainly on how it can be used in business to communicate organisational level vision and team goals and objectives and how it can be used in education to help revision and learning. One thing that consistently comes up in conversation is that people use crystal maps as a natural way of setting personal goals and creating their own life maps. This was one of the first applications we ever developed back in 2003 when I first started Crystal Mapping and was one of the prime objectives driving our development. With this in mind here’s how to create ‘life maps’ and ’self development maps’ using crystal mapping.

Below is an example of a Personal Dashboard created in crystal mapping and our Think it, Map it, See it, Do it process to help people create them.

Among the many theories, teachings and techniques in the area of personal development there are two features which are common to all and critical to success:

  • you have to know where you are going and
  • you have to know how you’re going to get there.

The first point is pretty much a given in that it is vital that you know what you’re trying to achieve and where you want to get to. Otherwise how would you know if / when you’d arrived?

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Why do you call it Crystal Mapping?

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I get asked many questions about crystal mapping as people start to hear about it and use it. One question that comes up alot is – “ok…so why do you call it crystal mapping?” To many people it sounds a bit ‘new agey’ and has over tones of  it being ‘away with the fairies’. To others its too close to mind mapping which, as they start to use it and understand it, it clearly isn’t. To others it’s just a bit of a mouthful! So, to clear things up – here’s why its called crystal mapping.

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Is that Clear? Crystal Clear Sir.

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Remember Tom Cruise’s military lawyer responding to Jack Nicholson’s Colonel Jessep in the film A Few Good Men? They were talking about following orders and the murky unwritten laws of military procedure in this classic from the early nineties. But, I wonder how many crystal clear responses you’d get if you asked your staff if they understood your firm’s purpose or your company’s vision. Not many is my guess.

This is not surprising as research suggest only about 5% of organisations can claim their employees genuinely understand the company’s vision and strategy. But what’s worse is the seemingly tacit agreement on the behalf of many leaders who seem to think this is ok and that they’ll still achieve and reach their goals/targets/dreams regardless!

Well you might be one of the lucky leaders and do just that but just think how much luckier you could be if you had all your team focused on the same destination with a shared vision, clear goals and an understood purpose. In fact just think how much more successful you could be if when you asked your team, “Are we clear?” they all responded with one voice “Crystal”, we’ll drop the Sir.

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