About Crystal Mapping

Visual Learning is a well known method of helping students turn subject information into knowledge and understanding. Creating Crystal Maps on any subject aids thinking and learning, stimulates insight and activates memory and recollection. Unlike traditional mind maps, Crystal Maps are built in a standard Circular format.

Having a structured map of any subject enables you to visualise key content in a joined up manner. Having a picture of the crystal map in your minds eye helps you to remember it when it comes to exams.

In addition to its educational and learning use, Crystal Mapping is great for building personal development maps and for many uises in business. Make your maps offline with our Desktop version, publish them online through our Web Application and view them on the go in our Mobile app (coming soon).

So if you're using crystal maps to help you learn, a clear, joined up map will transform your understanding of any subject and help to improve your results. Similarly, if you need a personal development map or a project map to help you achieve individual and team goals, crystal maps provide an imaginative practical alternative.

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Measure business performance
Create cool CV's or resumes

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Mark Wogan's book, Crystal Mapping - The Bigger Picture, explains how Crystal Mapping was conceived from a his own need to understand the bigger picture without losing the detail. Take a look inside:

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  • Improving Personal Effectiveness
  • Crystal Maps in Education

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    Teachers can use it to plan courses and prepare and deliver classwork and students can use it to help revise for exams and create original and exciting project work.

    One of the main reasons Crystal Mapping is so useful in education is that it provides a mechanism for Visual Learning and shows how all the pieces of a particular subject fit together so that the bigger picture is never lost in the detail.